Isabela O’Meara was born in Brazil where she learned about skincare at an early age.

Skin care has been an interest since she was 13 years old when she started having break outs and her grandmother taught her to use natural home-made skincare remedies, such as: honey and oat masks , sugar scrubs and papaya extracts peels. She tried many of the natural resources found at home. She also tried many different over the counter products which worked temporarily with no permanent results.

Unfortunately, the acne persisted and became a bigger problem for Isabela. When she moved to California 12 years ago, she saw some of the best dermatologists who commonly prescribed topics or oral antibiotics. These medications were causing other health problems and only leaving her skin more irritated.

“Isabela’s story is unique and was featured in Pacific San Diego Magazine, “Once my acne finally cleared up, there were still the emotional traumas from the way my skin looked for so long. The emotional scars, however, drove my passion to help others have beautiful skin. So, in 2005 I decided to go to school and became a medical esthetician.”

“After I finished school, I met a wise cosmetic chemist who had as much passion for skin as I did. I was able to learn from her, how to treat many skin conditions using non-irritant products and formulations. I learned about key ingredients necessary to achieve the best results when treating acne or fighting the aging process.”

“My goal is to make my clients have vibrant, healthy looking skin. My work in helping others has healed my own emotional scars and I look forward to helping you.”


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“As a new mom, I certainly need time out for a little pampering and relaxation. But, as a new mom, I also don’t have a lot of time to spare. So, I was thrilled to sneak away on a recent afternoon for a massage and facial just a few blocks from home.”

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Isabela O’Meara, owner of Isabela Skincare, gives viewers skincare tips.





Isabela is really knowledgable about skin issues, especially troublesome skin, and she knows the best products to use – ones without additives and harsh chemicals. She really cares about fixing the problem, not masking it.

-Christina K.

Ask about the brazilian facial, there is nothing like it in San Diego.

-Adriana B.

Isabella is treating my teenage daughter’s acne, and her skin looks so beautiful.


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